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Members determine the ethos and purpose of the Trust. They also provide oversight of Trust’s Governance arrangements, monitoring the overall effectiveness of the MAT and hold the Trustees to account.



The corporate management and trustee responsibility for the Trust is vested in the Trustees, who are also the company Directors registered with Companies House.

Russell Boulton

Chief Executive Officer

Leads school improvement through Quality Assurance and High Levels of Accountability, driven through the Headteacher and SLT function of each school.

Pete Jordan

Chief Operating Officer

Leads all operations aspects of the MAT, whilst developing and implementing sustainable and scalable processes.

Edwina Wright

Chief Finance Officer

Ensures financial compliance as well as rigorous financial planning to erode any deficit of joining or recently joined schools and enable management within a balanced budget. Since qualifying as a accountant Edwina has led school and Academy Finance functions for over 30 years as well as working in the 3rd sector.