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About us

Vision & Values

We are building a collaborative family of local schools. They will have a relentless drive to challenge, develop and innovate to ensure that what they provide enables young people to become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens. With a model based on support and empowerment within a framework of high accountability, we want our Academies to be the best and inspire each child to discover the skills, talents and interests that lie within them.

Excellence Charter

  • We will provide outstanding Leadership and governance at every level so that all pupils attend an academy that is judged at least good by Ofsted.
  • We will ensure a rich, engaging and inclusive curriculum with effective teaching and high-quality learning resources across all subjects and year groups.
  • Regardless of their ability or personal circumstances we will ensure that all groups of pupils make at least good progress and diminish differences in their attainment.
  • We will develop pupils’ characters and attributes and offer them a rich experience which allows them to develop desirable qualities at school
  • We will ensure that pupils are well-behaved, confident and respectful in a safe and secure environment.
  • We will ensure a high-quality workforce and prioritise staff retention, professional development and well-being.
  • Through our business promise we will guarantee maximum resource flow into the classroom
  • We will provide all pupils with a high-quality careers learning programme
  • We will grow to support more schools in the region so that our pupils and theirs benefit and the standards improve across the board
  • We will work with our own and other primaries to ensure smooth transition to our secondary academies